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SubBase Speedy Subfloor System

BRANZ Appraised

SubBase products have been successfully appraised by BRANZ. The appraisal number is 941.

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With a lifetime of experience in the building and construction industry around the globe, Paul Hayman, the inventor of the SubBase Speedy Subfloor System identified the need for a solution to the time consuming and laborious process of setting timber house piles in concrete. Traditionally this has been a two man job and involves suspending the pile 100mm from the footing base and cutting the pile to size once it has been set, but with the SubBase Speedy Subfloor System the work can be done by one man, and critically, the 125 x 125mm H5 piles, which meet the requirement for square piles used in housing construction, can be cut to size before they are set.

The original product that was designed and developed by Paul was the SubBase125 which is an innovative brightly coloured and durable plastic pile support that is not only efficient but simple to use in any circumstances where a timber subfloor is required. Once the footings are prepared the SubBase pile supports can be quickly attached to the timber pile, with either screws or nails, and once in position provides the necessary 100mm spacing for concrete underneath the pile. And with the correct concrete, the piles will be ready for bearers in as little as four hours. However, if preferred, it is possible to cut and add bearers to the piles before concrete is added.

The SubBase125 timber pile chairs were produced to meet the requirements for house building, but other structures such as decking and fencing have lower minimum requirements and this led to the development of the SubBase100 which is for use with square piles of either 100x100mm or 90x90mm, which can be utilised in the creation of a residential deck subfloor. The option to use 100x100mm or 90x90mm deck piles as opposed to 125x125mm is a clear advantage in terms of saving money, without suffering any compromise in build quality. In all respects other than size the SubBase100 is identical to its big brother, the SubBase125.

Other benefits of the SubBase system are that these timber pile supports are lightweight, very affordable and are available in handy packs of 10 or cartons of 40 – and for your added convenience, are stackable making them easy to store and tidy to use on site.

Furthermore, both products have successfully been appraised by BRANZ, who are recognised as one of the foremost organisations concerned with approving practical solutions that can improve the building and construction industry in New Zealand.

Making the switch to the SubBase Speedy Subfloor System will undoubtedly save you both time and money, and not having to cut piles to size after they have been fixed is a big bonus too. And with leading retailers such as ITM, Carters, Bunnings and BuildLink stocking the SubBase125 and SubBase100 up and down the length of the country, what is stopping you from taking advantage?

But if you are still not sure and have some questions about the products, SubBase would be delighted to hear from you and deal with any queries that you may have.